The Wellness Solutions Program

Wellness Solutions serves Central and North Central Florida in the rental of Invacare 3500S™ support surfaces and the monthly rental of Invacare Turn-Q Plus™ support surfaces.

Our service includes Delivery, Setup, and Maintenance. The quotes for our service are done both contractually for institutions and individually for personal use.. We have been serving this area for the past fifteen years relying primarily on referral business and our reputation.


MicroAIR 3500S

Mattress Replacement System MicroAIR 3500S by Invacare®. The Invacare® microAIR®3500S™ is a portable low air loss therapy mattress replacement system that provides the therapeutic benefit of pressure relief and skin moisture management. The microAir 3500S adjustable bed mattress also provides the benefits of true low air loss for pressure ulcer therapy. True low air loss documented through independent studies.

  • LOW AIR LOSS therapy provides pressure ulcer relief, therapy and skin moisture management
  • 100 liters per minute of fresh, dry air circulates between patient and the support surface to help prevent skin moisture buildup
  • 9" air cell height for deep patient immersion
  • Whisper quiet control unit
  • Waterproof, vapor permeable therapy pad provides a low friction surface
  • Provides pressure relief below capillary closure
  • User-friendly controls
  • Membrane switches increase power unit durability and reliability
  • Auto-firm mode for patient transfers or nursing care
  • Auto-firm mode automatically cancels after thirty (30) minutes
  • Therapy mode for flotation therapy or to cancel Auto-firm mode
  • Pressure control setting for easy comfort adjustment
  • Power ON/OFF button
  • Easily attaches to most hospital beds
  • Mattress available in standard (84"L X 37"W X 9"H) for rental.
  • Weight capacity is 350 lbs

Turn-Q Plus

The Invacare microAIR Turn-Q Plus combines the benefits of lateral rotation, true low air loss and pressure relief in a single portable system. The system's two selectable turning angles provide the ability to bilaterally rotate patients a full or partial turn, reducing the risk of complications associated with immobilization. In addition, the Turn-Q Plus offers unmatched patient comfort and pressure ulcer management by regulating heat and moisture, relieving pressure and reducing friction and shear.

Low Air Loss and Pressure Relief

  • Therapeutic for Stage III and IV, or multiple Stage II pressure ulcers
  • Low Air Loss regulates skin moisture and temperature
  • Effective pressure relief maintains capillary circulation
  • Low friction surface reduces skin sheer
  • Mattress cover is breathable while providing a barrier to moisture and microbe transmission
  • Fits most standard hospital beds
  • Mattress available in standard (84"L X 37"W X 9"H) available for rent
  • Weight capacity is 500 lbs.

User-Friendly Controls

  • Graphic displays and digital inputs make setup and operation simple
  • Panel lockout secures the panel from accidental setting changes
  • 24-hour backup provides air flotation when electrical power is interrupted
  • Low pressure alarm alerts the caregiver to low mattress pressure
  • Direct weight input from 70 to 500 lb. ensures the user receives the correct level of support pressure
  • Bar graph comfort range control makes it easy to further customize individual pressure adjustments
  • Next turn display notifies caregiver of time remaining to next turn
  • Control panel memory resets system settings after power interruption
  • Ambient light sensor dims panel lights in a darkened room
  • Auto firm mode eases patient handling for nursing procedures or bed entry/exit
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